Rasharkin Club

Club Location

The club is located in the  Rasharkin Community Centre.

Club Training hours

The Rasharkin club meets every Monday at 7:30PM. All attendees should arrive no later than 7:25PM to ensure a prompt start to the class. Juniors train until 8:30PM.

More Information

For more information, contact Sensei Redmond using the contact form linked here.

Junior Club Members Kumite Training

Kumite (sparring) is an essential part of Karate training. At CKA we train all of our members to be effective with their strikes and put what they learn in class to practice.

Group of children, members of a karate club, posing with their coaches and a collection of shin pads.
CKA Chief Coach Dan Redmond & Club Coach Sean Wisener along with their students showing off the shin pads purchased with the £300 SHARKIN Plan-it grant.

£300 Grant For Rasharkin Karate Club

Rasharkin CKA Members with Chief Coach Dan Redmond & Assistant Coach Sean Wisener showing off the new shin/instep guards for the club, purchased via grant from Sharkin Plan-It.

The grant came from a larger pot of £6000 that the rasharkin community decided to divide between 20 individual projects & the CKA's Rasharkin Community Centre club's vision of bringing outstanding training to their members was among those selected to receive the grant.

The guards will allow members to practice their sweeps with each other in a more realistic manner to help them get the most out of their training.

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We regularly post club specific updates such as last minute cancellations or location changes (if applicable). So make sure to check back here before classes to make sure you're in the know!