Ian Abernethy Seminar

World recognised Coach Sensei Iain Abernethy held two seminars in Coleraine Leisure Centre on Saturday 5th June 2010. 
Mr Abernethy was invited here by Dan Redmond who has known him and trained with him for a number of years.
At the end of both Seminars each attendee received a certificate signed be Sensei Iain.
Dan Redmond would like to thank Coleraine Borough Council who has given generous Grant Aid towards helping to finance this special Event.  Dan said it is much appreciated.
Iain Abernethy is based in Cumbria England.  He was graded to 5th Dan by Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson of the World-Renowned British Combat Association.
He is a member of the Combat Hall of fame and he writes for the UK’s leading Martial Arts Magazines.  He teaches on a regular basis at seminars throughout Europe and beyond.  His books, DVD’s and videos are much in demand.  He is a BCA coach.
Ian specialises in teaching the fighting and self defence techniques and skills contained in the karate kata of all styles.  His seminar’s include throws, grappling, strikes, chokes, strangles, grappling and groundwork, awareness drills, pad strikes with the foot, the knee, the hand and fist, the elbow, the head and so very much more.  
The seminars are suitable for martial Artists of all Arts and Styles.  Most of his seminars are attended by people who practise karate, Ju jitsu, Judo, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo etc.
T1 Dan Redmond and Ian Abernethy.jpg
T2 Matthew Esler Iain Abernethy Stephen Esler.jpg
T3 Steven Surgeoner Iain Abernethy Jamie Surgeoner.jpg
 Dan Redmond and Ian Abernethy
 Matthew Esler Iain Abernethy
Stephen Esler
 Steven Surgeoner Iain Abernethy Jamie Surgeoner
 Steven Surgeoner, Dan Redmond, Iain Abernethy and Keith Millar
 Iain Abernethy and Jamie Surgeoner
Iain Abernethy and Jessica Eden


T8 Iain Abernethy and Stephen Esler.jpg

T9 Robin Barkley and Iain Abernethy.jpg

 Iain Abernethy and Stephen Esler

Robin Barkley and Iain Abernethy