Members of the CHUJO KARATE ASSOCIATION travelled to Belfast last Saturday 25th Sept to coach at a workshop for VOYPIC (voice of young people in care).  The workshop took place in Grovenor House, Glengall Street, Belfast   The workshop  started at 1.30pm and finished at 3pm.  The karate clubs were invited to take the workshop at the request of club member Miss Nadine Simpson who now works for VOYPIC.  Nadine is a Black Belt at the Coleraine Leisure Centre club.
 Club members who travelled to Belfast to coach were –
Jamie Surgeoner 5th Kyu

Karen Agnew 1st Dan

Nicola Lamont 1st Dan

Rebecca Burns 1st Dan

Laura Burns 1st Dan

Conor Cambell 1st Kyu

Andrew O’Neill 1st Dan

Alan Logan 2nd Dan

Keith Millar 3rd Dan

Steven Surgeoner 4th Dan

Dan Redmond 7th Dan


The workshop theme for the young people was TAKING CARE OF YOU so karate group structured the workshop around confidence building techniques, exercises in defusing and talking down a possible violent situation and hands on techniques for self defence in both standing and ground situations.  The young people enjoyed it.


Part way through the workshop young Jamie Surgeoner performed the basic kata.

This brought a thunderous round of applause from both participants and spectators.


The club have been invited to return again next year to do a demonstration and to then coach another workshop.  Chief Coach Dan Redmond has accepted the invitation.


Voypic Leaders and Karate group pictured together at end of workshop


Dan Redmond makes the introductions as the karate group look on



Young Jamie Surgeoner performs his kata. 
Dan Redmond in background

Steven Surgeoner coaches on some punch pad drills


Two young people obviously enjoying themselves at the workshop

Rebecca Burns coaches on some punch pad drills