Chujo Karate Association Kyu Grading Examination

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Congratulations to all CKA Students who took part in the Kyu Belt Examination on Saturday 1st April 2023.

34 members attended this examination.

The examination was broken into two sessions with junior students attending the earlier session and senior students attending the later;


Junior members with their certificates, From this examination; 6 members achieved 9th Kyu (Yellow Belt), 9 members achieved 8th Kyu (Red Belt) & 3 members achieved 7th Kyu (Orange Belt).

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Senior members before being presented with their certificates, From this examination: 6 members achieved 8th Kyu (Red Belt), 2 members achieved 7th Kyu (Orange Belt), 1 member achieved 6th Kyu (Green Belt), 5th Kyu (Blue Belt) & 4th Kyu (Purple Belt), 2 members achieved 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt) & 1 member achieved 1st Kyu (Black Belt With 1 White Stripe)


Present at the examination were:
Dan Redmond - 7th Dan
Sean Wisener - 2nd Dan
Jamie Neill - 1st Dan
Kathy Archer - 1st Dan

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