Founded 1984 - Chief Coach Sensei Dan Redmond 7th Dan  
Chujo Karate Association is a member of BCKA
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"Karate "Empty Hand" 


5 DVD's produced by CKA covering all children grading syllabus

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Chief Coach Sensei Dan Redmond recommends these Instruction DVD's as a valuable training aid to Dojo training 

DVD 1 - 9th kyu Yellow Belt + 8th Kyu Red Belt
DVD 2 - 7th Kyu Orange Belt + 6th Kyu Green Belt.
DVD 3 - 5th Kyu Blue Belt + 4th Kyu Purple Belt.
DVD 4 - 3rd Kyu Brown Belt + 2nd Kyu Brown and White stripe
DVD 5 - 1st Kyu Black and White Stripe. Under 13 years Black Belt, 13 years to under 16 years Black Belt.

Wado Ryu Karate

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Hironori Ohtsuka

01/06/1892- 29/01/1982  

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